My First Quran with Pictures

My First Quran with Pictures

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🌈 My First Quran with Pictures

Medium: English Language. 25 Surah (Surah AnNas - AlBalad)

Suitable for age 6 & above.


Children often memorise Surah after Surah of the Quran without knowing its basic meanings. Even as parents, we may find it difficult to explain it to them.

With the help of this picture book, your children will be able to read Juz Amma in Arabic and instantly know the basic meaning of the verses through engaging illustrations.

It will help your children visualise the simple meaning of the Ayah. This will make the Tafsir and the explanations of the verses easier for them to grasp.

This bright and colourful book will also assist memorisation of the Quran making it so much more fun and enjoyable for them.